Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trails and Ways

Today is Music Monday

As an avid reader of my favorite music blog, The Music Ninja, when they were calling for new writers I jumped to the opportunity. Luckily, I got picked as one of the few to start writing weekly reviews. Today I was assigned to write about Trails and Ways. Check out the review below! 

"For some reason this track reminds me of walking through Brooklyn by Prospect Park. With earplugs in and all the way up, the summery guitar riffs  make you feel like you have mad swag and are pretty much the coolest person in the world. These San Francisco based kids make up Trails and Ways and have released several EP's in the last couple of years. The chorus comprised of simply "Nunca, Nunca" is insanely contagious. Add this track to your Chill Party Playlist (if you don't have one, create one, now) and play it loud at your next BBQ. Your friends will love you. Promise."

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